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BIO 101 Labs (AL): Article Databases

Recommended Article Databases

Use the databases listed below to find two articles on your topic.  

One article should be more popular (magazine or newspaper).
One article should be more scholarly (academic journal).

Limit Your Results

After your find a list of articles in one of the databases, you can limit your results by date and by source type.

Sources that are more scholarly will be identified as Academic Journals or Scholarly Journals.

Sources that are more popular will be identified as Magazines or Newspapers.

Search Tips

Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.  Put the word AND between each new word or idea; this tells the database to look for resources with ALL your terms.

HPV AND vaccine

Use quotation marks ( "  " ) around phrases:

"Human papillomavirus" AND vaccine

Use the asterisk (*) to truncate a word; this tells the database to look for all words that have the same base.  In the example below, search results would include vaccine, vaccinate, vaccinates, vaccination, vaccinations, etc.

"Human papillomavirus"AND vaccin*

Reading Scholarly Journal Articles