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SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish I (Davis - AL): What Are the Issues?

Learn About Environmental Issues Affecting the Country You're Researching

Start the research process by learning more about the environmental issues that are affecting the country you're researching.  Google is a great place to start.  Look for information such as:

  • What specific environmental issue(s) are there (e.g., air pollution, deforestation)?
  • Are there specific locations in the country that are affected?
  • Are certain populations affected?
  • What are some causes/solutions?

You will use the information you learn from your Google search to search for magazine and newspaper articles that address those topics.

Google Search Tips

  • Only type in the most important words related to what you're looking for:

  environmental issues "latin america"
  environmental issues spain

  • Limit your results to websites from a certain domain, such as .edu or .org, by adding   or   to the search box.
  • When you have a list of results, use Search Tools > Date to limit your results to a more recent timeframe.