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Mango Languages: For Faculty

This guide will assist students in creating a Mango account and accessing the features of the language database. If you have questions or comments, please contact Heather Blicher at

Faculty Insight: Mango Languages

For Faculty

Designed to give users comprehensive conversational language and grammar skills. The basic course (10 lessons) focuses on polite greetings and small talk. The complete course (100 lessons) is designed for patrons who already know the basics of a culture and a language, and want to increase their vocabulary, improve grammar and speak more fluently. Each course integrates the comprehensive Intuitive Language Construction Methodology, with intuitive content structure and imagery, making it easy to learn and fun to use. 

Features include: integrated, interactive translation tool; personalized usage tracker; voice recording and comparison tool.

For Faculty

  • Online web-based platform with no downloads or installations needed
  • Off-line access by downloading lessons to app on your mobile device
  • Learn through conversations with memory building exercises
  • Goal-based learning: conversational & grammar goals
  • Cultural & grammar insights sprinkled into lessons
  • Interactive words & phrases with semantic color mapping
  • Pronunciation helpers with phonetic popups & audio
  • Record your speech & compare it to audio from a native speaker
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