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Mango Languages: For Faculty

This guide will assist students in creating a Mango account and accessing the features of the language database. Questions? Email

If you are an instructor at NOVA

Groups & Instructor Guides are only available to people with an instructor profile at NOVA.

Create a group & track others' progress

Create a group in Mango & invite others to track their progress!

Screenshot of the Mango Groups page with arrow pointing to groups tab, and another arrow pointing to the "create a new group" button.

Overview Video

Mango for Instructors


  • Create a group & invite students to join. Once a group is created, an instructor will be able to view any student’s individual activity within the Mango Languages program.
  •  Assigning homework lessons to students must be done outside of the Mango platform. However, you can link to specific lessons by clicking the chain link icon to copy the direct link.