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ENG 111: College Composition I - Library Display Project (Schroder - AL): Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Articles

NOVA buys several collections of encyclopedias online, including the ones listed below.  From off campus you will be asked to log in with your MyNova username and password.

Search Tips

Use broad terms, as encyclopedias usually provide general overviews of topics.

higher education

Use quotation marks ( "  " ) around phrases (two or more words); this tells the database to look for the words in a specific order.

"writing center"

Why to Use Reference Books

An encyclopedia is a type of reference book. Use a reference book to:

  • Define important vocabulary words related to your topic,
  • Find a basic overview and main issues related to your topic,
  • Find references to additional resources, and
  • Discover important background information related to your topic.

You will typically not use a reference book or encyclopedia as a source in your research.  The information in these sources is for your own background knowledge.