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ENG 111: College Composition I - Raising Community Awareness with a Library Display (Schroder - AL)

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Essay Two: Raising Community Awareness with a Library Display


Resources for Parts 1 and 2 of Your Essay Assignment

Part 1: Argument Essay
Describe your topic and document why it is important for the NOVA campus community to know about it.

Places to find information to support your argument:


Part 2: Identify 5-6 Books You'd Recommend on Your Topic/Propose a Library Display 
[Not sure how to organize your proposal? Download/make a copy of this proposal template to complete and submit to your instructor.] 

  • Briefly describe your topic and why it is important for the Alexandria Campus Community.  You may also describe an Instagram post you would create to visually depict your topic. 
  • Identify, describe, and create citations for five to six books available through NOVA Libraries (either ebooks or available at the Alexandria campus library) that you'd recommend related to your topic.

Use the Library Catalog to learn what books are available online or at the Alexandria Campus Library.

What Is a Library Display?

A library display is a small collection of library resources, displayed temporarily, based on a theme.

Learn more about library displays under the Library Displays 101 tab.