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ENG 111: College Composition I - Library Display Project (Schroder - AL): Books

How Books Are Arranged in the Library

Each book in the library has a label on the spine that shows the book's call number, which is basically the book's address. Most college and university libraries in the United States, including NOVA, use the Library of Congress Classification system.

Library Catalog Search Tips

The Library Catalog does not search the full-text of books. It looks at the title, author, subject headings, and any details provided (such as table of contents).

In the search box, type in only the most relevant words related to your topic.
Type  AND  between each new idea.
Put phrases in quotation marks.

 For example:

tutors AND writing
"writing centers"

Sometimes you will need to use synonyms, related terms or variations of a word to get the best results:

organ donation
organ transplantation