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ENG 111: College Composition I - Library Display Project (Schroder - AL): Library Displays 101

What's a Library Display?

A library display is a small collection of library resources,displayed temporarily, based on a theme.  These resources are usually books, but can also include videos.  They are displayed:

  • to promote those resources and make the NOVA-AL community aware of them;
  • to educate the community about a particular topic or issue,
  • to identify things that are going on, either at NOVA or in the news, or
  • to promote resources that will be helpful to students.


A display does not promote a business or external organization, does not endorse any political organization or candidate (cannot include pamphlets or marketing from candidates or parties or external organizations), is not selling or promoting any product or service, and does not provide personal gain.

Library displays should be fair and balanced.

Creating Displays: Process/Best Practices

If you are selected to create your display idea in the library, here are some tips:

  • The display should be readable at a glance - kind of like a short PowerPoint - lots of visual elements and just enough text to pique interest to look at the  books, pick up a handout (you can have handouts); infographics can be good, but should be short and readable.
  • If you use white paper, it looks better with another color behind it to frame it.
  • Come up with a color scheme before starting.
  • Concise descriptions, font large enough to read at a distance, contrasting colors for font and background
  • Could create a programming event to go along with the display (e.g., recycling topic for Earth Day, do a recycling event)
  • Be creative and have fun!

Please note: If your proposal is selected and you choose to do the display, you will need to select an additional 5-6 books to fill out the display (you will not need to create additional citations/descriptions for these books).

Topic Selection

Select a topic for which the Alexandria Campus Library has a sufficient number of books, whether directly on the topic you've selected or that are related tie-in books.  Here are examples of topics from previous displays.

Ideas for Picking a Topic

1) Needs-based

  • Academic success - e.g., study skills, de-stressing
  • Mid- and late-semester - students will be writing papers, studying for midterms or exams, thinking about classes for next semester - can highlight library resources that tie-in to any of those areas; could also highlight other services on campus

2) Calendar-based

  • Holidays, National Month of ____,  xth Anniversary of __________
  • If you select a topic related to what's going on in the news, remember that your display (if selected) won't go up in the library until later in the semester, so your topic should still be relevant by then.

3) Theme-based

  • A topic of interest to you, such as a favorite author, artist, musician, issue, cause, hobby, etc. - even if we don't have enough books on that person or topic, you can include books on related topics - e.g., where the person is from, culture, art critique books, time period, etc.
  • Your major - books and classes to take

Available Furniture and Supplies

Display Furniture:

  • Two 2-sided display stands (36" wide)
  • Rolling 2-sided slat-wall display board
  • Top of periodicals shelving (2 areas)


  • Paper in a variety of colors, including rolls of paper
  • We can print things out for you