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ENG 112: College Composition II - Fake News & Media Bias (Chandler - Alexandria)

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Databases for Academic and Scholarly Articles

Select a database below that most closely matches your topic.

Your topic might be found in more than one database.  You can search several of the EBSCO databases simultaneously:

  • Select a database from the list below.
  • Above the search box, select "Choose Databases".
  • Put checkmarks next to additional databases you want to include.

Library Catalog/Database Search Tips

  • For a search in the Library Catalog, select  EVERYTHING  (above the search box).  This will search multiple library databases simultaneously, and will include results from many sources, including magazines, newspapers, books, and scholarly journals.  If you just want scholarly articles, be sure to filter your results to Peer-reviewed journals.
  • Select the fewest words possible to type into the search box -- just the ones most important to your topic. 
                          The use of sexist language impacts womens' livelihoods.
  • Type   AND   between each new word or idea.  For example: 
         language AND sexist AND women AND livelihood

  • Use synonyms and related terms. For example:
         language AND sexist AND women AND wage gap
         language AND sexist AND women AND salary
         language AND sexist AND women AND income
         language AND gender discrimination AND wage gap
         language AND gender discrimination AND salary

  • Use quotation marks with phrases (2 or more words that MUST be together):  "climate change"  "hate speech"  "free speech"
  • Use limiters to just view articles that are Full Text and Scholarly/Peer reviewed.

Search the Library Catalog

Locating an Editorial

  • Enter your keywords in the search box.

  • Scroll to the "Document Type" section and select Editorial.

  • Narrow down your results further by using limiters such as Publication Date and Publication Title.