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ENG 111: Annotated Bibliography (Hughes-Loudoun)

This guide supports rhetorical reading, annotating, summarizing, and response skills.

Beyond Google

Scholarly resources may not be apparent if you simple "Google." You can increase the likelihood that an authoritative resource appears at the top of your results by limiting your search by filetype (filetype:pdf) or domain (site:gov or site:edu or site:org). Alternatively, you can begin your search at Google Scholar

Internet Archive Scholar is a good alternative to Google Scholar. For scientific literature, there is Semantic Scholar

You might even try Perplexity or Elicit, two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Assistants. You may have to "sign up," but it's free and worth experimenting with this AI tool. We suggest these tools over generic AI tools as they are designed for research purposes and display the source for the resources they present to users.