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FTS: #7 - August 2023








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By N. Mueller

Privacy and security are issues that affect everyone who goes online. When online privacy or security breaches happen, hacked email and social media accounts often result. These can cascade into identity theft, resulting in fraudulent credit card charges, compromised bank accounts, and unauthorized applications for loans or lines of credit.

I made this Online Privacy and Security Guide to share valuable information and tools that you can use to increase your online privacy and security. I also include my own experiences with using some of the tools, including my recommendations.

This Guide is based on the Restore Privacy website. For a brief list of reasons why you should be concerned about your online privacy and security, and for ways to "Restore Your Online Privacy," see their Privacy Tools page.

The image above is my re-creation of a meme that I found on Reddit. I found the background image on Reddit as well. I do not know who created the original meme.





By Staff

Loudoun Library instruction staff have been participating in the Loudoun Library Summer Instruction Institute, a four-module professional development and discussion forum designed to introduce participants to new EdTech tools and get us thinking and talking about our teaching.

In Module 1, participants explored instructional design and lesson planning for librarians; Module 2 investigated strategies for engaging students; Module 3 delved into culturally responsive pedagogy, and the upcoming Module 4 will include an informal discussion of Chat GPT and a teaching demo from Maddie Quick, Loudoun’s Reference Specialist who just completed her MLS.

Each module includes pre-reading and related videos from educators, followed by an in-person discussion. Prior to the discussion, participants also complete a brief activity to jumpstart the conversations using an EdTech tool such as Padlet and Miro.

If you would like to check out the course in Canvas, please email Michael English using "menglish" at our NOVA email address to be added as a participant.




By M. Sarmiento

Michael's video this month shows us how to search for in process items. Learn how to find items that are on loan, lost, missing, transit, etc.





By N. Mobley

I hope you enjoyed the crossword puzzle! Welcome to August-when the temperatures soar and the thunderstorms roar! I hope these puzzles will help ease the temperature blues!

Puzzle 1:


Puzzle 2:




By M. Todd

Active / Advertised

AL = Lead Librarian/Collection Development Librarian

AN = Collection Development and OER Librarian



AL = one LS1

LO = one LS2 in circulation / reserves

LTS = one LS2 in cataloging

MA = one LS2 in circulation

MEC = no vacancies

WO = no vacancies




From the Stacks is published monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. Please contact Editor Liz Leon, Collection Development & Outreach Librarian, Manassas Campus to contribute an article or with ideas for regular features. Please find older issues in the archives.

August contributors are Nathan Mueller, Technology Librarian, Manassas Campus; Michael English, Instruction & Reference Services Librarian, Loudoun Campus; Michael Sarmiento, Catalog Librarian, Library Technical Services; Nadia Mobley, Circulation Specialist, Alexandria Campus; and Dean of the Library, Matt Todd.