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Chicago/Turabian Citation Style Guide

This guide will help you cite the most common types of materials required in research papers and projects. - Guide by Eliza Selander. Direct comments to


Coes, Donald V., Werner Baer, and Edmund Amann. 2011. Energy, Bio Fuels and Development: Comparing Brazil and the United States. Routledge. Accessed June 27, 2006. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).


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Magazine Articles (Online)

Hansen, Suzy. 2012. Hope in the Wreckage. New York Times Magazine, July 29. Accessed September 25, 2012.

Interlandi, Jeneen, Ian Yarett, Johannah Comblatt, John Barry, and Steve Tuttle. 2010. For Haiti, No Relief in Sight. Newsweek,November 15. Accessed September 25, 2012.

Journal Articles (Online)

Kossinets, Gueorgi, and Duncan J. Watts. 2009. "Origins of Homophily in an Evolving Social Network." American Journal of Sociology

   115: 405-50. Accessed February 28, 2010. doi: 10.1086/599247.


**Not all articles have a DOI. If no DOI is provided, simply omit it and end the citation with the date of access.

Newspaper Articles (Online)

Stolberg, Sheryl Gay, and Robert Pear. 2010. Wary Centrists Posing Challenge in Health Care Vote. New York Times, February 27. Accessed February 28, 2010. 

Mindlin, Alex. 2009. Snack Ads Spur Children to Eat More. New York Times, July 20, 3. Accessed September 11, 2012.


Google. 2009. "Google Privacy Policy." Last modified March 11.


McDonald's Corporation. 2008. "McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts." Accessed July 19.

Encyclopedias (Online)

 "Salsa". 2014. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2014.  Accessed January 26, 2015.

Videos (Online)

Franchesca Ramsey. "5 Tips for Being an Ally." Chescaleigh. November 22, 2014. Video, 3:31.


Luvvie Ajayi. "Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable." TEDWomen2017. November 2017. Video, 10:47.