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Journal of American Dental Association

MEC Library holds 20 years of print issues of The Journal of the American Dental Association [JADA]. You can search on the JADA site for abstracts of relevant and helpful articles, then check out the full article from the Library. 

Using the Search box on right side:

  • Search the condition or patient population or the non-dental healthcare profession you are writing about.
  • After you get results that can date back 100 years, scroll down until you see the Publication Date box on the left. Type 2010 into the From box, hit Enter on your keyboard 
  • Select the title of article to get the abstract (description of the article).
  • When you find an article that may be helpful, you will need this information to find it in the library:
    • Article title
    • Month & Year of publication
    • Volume and Issue numbers
    • Page numbers of the article

JADA article information


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