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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas: Downloading VB to mobile device - On Campus

Information about accessing and using the Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas interactive 3D learning tool

Getting to Visible Body

Note: This method is for downloading while on campus and connected to the NOVA WiFi system. 

If you are downloading while off campus, go here Downloading VB - Off Campus


To download Visible Body:

  1. Make sure that you have more than 1.5 G available free space on your device.
  2. While on campus and with your mobile device logged into NOVA's wifi, go to
  3. Click on the yellow On Campus button.
  4. Choose either iTunes or Google Play and download the app. Once downloaded, you must launch the app once while on campus.

If you have difficulty downloading the app, please see library staff, they can use this alternate method to download the app for you.


Library Staff:

  1. Make sure that the student's device has sufficient memory available to download the app. At least 1.5 G.
  2. Log into NovaWiFi, using the nvcc\ and your faculty/staff username and password.
  3. Click this link: Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 
  4. Or access it from the Library website:
  5. NOVA Libraries --- Articles --- Databases A-Z --- V --- Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas
  6. Click on the icon for Visible Body 2018:
  7. You will see a red incompatibility message and underneath it a link "Information about mobile access." Click that link.
  8. Choose the either iTunes or Google Play icon to begin downloading the app. 
  9. The student may need to put in their Apple or Google username and password.
  10. Once the app has completely installed, launch it. Once successfully launched, log yourself out of the wifi.
  11. Student can now log themselves back onto the wifi network and will be able to launch and use the app.