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ENG 111: College Composition I (Vogt-LO)

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General Research Topic

You will choose one of the following topics, or you may suggest your own topic within the field of education. If you propose your own topic, it should be of similar depth and breadth as those on this list. 

The pros and cons of one of the following educational practices, programs, or proposals: 

  • Decreasing (or increasing) class sizes in high school or college 
  • Eliminating college admissions standardized testing (SAT and/or ACT tests) 
  • Instituting flipped classrooms for most high school classes (or keeping them if they already have them) 
  • Offering special support programs for first generation college students (those whose parents did not attend college) 
  • Funneling gifted students into magnet schools 
  • Offering many college courses for credit through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) 
  • Adopting the educational practices of one of the following countries: Finland, Japan, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand 
  • OR propose your own topic: request approval for a similar topic of your own choosing in the area of education. Describe the proposed topic, what you know about the opposing viewpoints, and whether you already have an opinion or not. You should not propose a topic you already have strong opinions about, because that would make it hard for you to remain objective in the main body paragraphs. 

Research: Using the research resources presented in class—the College library system including its databases and Google Scholar—locate enough sources to allow you to choose the five best to report on in your essay, including at least two representing each side of the issue. You should read, or skim, at least ten to fifteen articles, videos, and other sources, and keep track of them with bookmarks and notes, in order to choose the ones that are most useful for your report. You must use at least five outside sources from a variety of types of materials including newspaper, magazine, and scholarly articles, books, lectures, speeches, and video presentations. 

Compose an Annotated Bibliography: Keep track of your sources, and construct an annotated bibliography of at least three sources, in which you describe their content, quality, and usefulness in an entry for each one. Separate guidelines are provided with more specific details about this part of the assignment which is due to a separate assignment area in Canvas before midnight on Wednesday, 10/28. 

Essay writing: When you have researched the issue thoroughly, compose an essay of at least 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words) in which you present both sides on the question in an objective, fair, and unbiased fashion. Your essay will be in the form of a report using the information from your research to explain the pros and cons of an important potential decision in educational plans and practices—in the United States or in some local school district or institution. At the end, make a recommendation about which side you believe would be most beneficial to students and society. 

For more information, please review the ENG 111 Researched Report document*.

*Due dates may be different depending on which section you are enrolled in.