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ENG 112: College Composition II (Eldridge-LO)

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Research Essay


  • Research and analyze one well-known individual from society (dead or alive) who would make a good role model and positive mentor to today’s educated students:
    • ensure you understand and explain what a role model/mentor is in your essay and
    • consider 3-4 remarkable character traits along with actions that make this person influential and someone to look up to and aspire to emulate
  • individual must be researchable (famous/well-known/in media);
  • individual must be a person (not an animal or concept);
  • use formal language (3rd person); and
  • research and cite from at least 3 outside sources:
    • use in-text citation,
    • complete a works cited page,
    • MLA format must be used, and
    • sources must be reliable, valid, and varied (not all the same "type" of source)

For more information, please review the ENG 112 Research Essay document.