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MUS 121: Music Appreciation I (Kolm-Alexandria)

Google Search Tips

Here's how to get fewer and more relevant results when Googling:

  • Identify the main ideas related to your topic.
       ‚ÄčI am researching go go music in washington d.c.
  • Use quotation marks around 2 or more words that need to be together.
          "go go" 
  • Limit your search to a specific domain, such as .edu, .gov, or .org.
          "go go" washington dc music

Additional Searching Tips

Be persistent.

Be observant.  Use clues, such as names of associations or people, in websites and articles to lead you to more information.

Be skeptical.  Evaluate any source:

  • who wrote it?
  • where did the information come from?
  • who published/sponsors it?
  • is it up-to-date?
  • are there ads? is the source trying to sell something?