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Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month!

To recognize and celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month, I have put together a number of resources both from our collection at NOVA and from local area libraries. Happy reading!

About this guide

This guide was created to introduce some resources that we have through the NVCC libraries and elsewhere, to educate and inform about the Indigenous Culture.  Click here to learn more about National Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month.

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month!

The Indigenous Experience

I've been here all the while : Black freedom on native land
Religion and Culture in Native America
The Transatlantic Indian
One-legged dancer
American Indian stories
Jockomo : the native roots of Mardi Gras Indians
Native Americans (1451-2017)
That Dream Shall Have a Name : Native Americans Rewriting America. David L Moore
Braiding Sweetgrass : Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants.
Eloquence embodied : nonverbal communication among French and indigenous peoples in the Americas