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SDV 101: Orientation to Healthcare: Presentation Skills

Guide by Kristin Snawder. Direct comments to

Annandale Oral Communication Center

Presentation Books in the Library

Find these and other books in the Library Catalog.

Suggested keywords include: presentation and PowerPoint.

Giving Your Presentation

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Make eye contact

  • Do not read your slides to the audience

  • Leave time for questions

  • Pay attention to your time

Presenting with PowerPoint

This video by the Kimbel Library at Costal Carolina University gives some do's and don't for PowerPoint presentations.

Oral Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Building Your Slides

  • Highlight your presentation, dont' create a substitute for it

  • Bullet points, not complete sentences

  • 4-6 points per page, one point at a time

  • Only use images if they are relevant and are of high quality

  • Make graphs/diagrams a simple as possible

  • Use consistent backgrounds and layouts for all slides

  • Avoid bright backgrounds or cluttered layouts

  • Use high contrast; dark on light, or light on dark

  • Use color to emphasize, but use with care

  • Avoid extremely bright colors

  • Avoid odd color combinations

  • Stick to sans-serif fonts

  • Use no more than two fonts types, nothing cursive or ornamental

  • Minimum of 18 point, 20 or 24 is better

  • Use animation sparingly

  • Avoid distracting or annoying sound effects