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World Languages: Books

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Find Books to Check Out in the Library Catalog

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Sample Searches:

hindi AND language

spanish AND grammar

Use AND between two or more terms to find materials with all the terms. 


vocabulary OR idioms

Use OR between similar terms. Searching for vocabulary OR idioms will find books that refer to either term.  You must capitalize OR.


"ancient greek"

"american sign language"

Use quotation marks ( " " ) around specific phrases such as "ancient greek" or "american sign language" to find the words in that specific order.



Use an asterisk ( * ) to find multiple endings of one word. Using idiom* as a search term will include results that refer to idiom, idioms, or idiomatic.

How to Find Books by Language


 Want to read a book in a particular language?  Search the Library Catalog.

 1. Type one of these terms in the search box:  fiction, short stories, readers, literature, drama, poetry, graphic novels.  You can also type in the title of a specific book or author name. 

2. Select the Search button to see your list of results.  

3. In your list of results, limit your results:

          - by Resource Type (Books
          - by Language

limit to books and by language


You can also limit your results to a specific campus library.


eBook/eReader icon

Here are a few places you can find eBooks; from off campus you will log in with your myNOVA username and password (the same ones you use to access Blackboard, student email, etc.).  More information on downloading eBooks.

When You Find a Book in the Library Catalog...

...Write down the book's Call Number. The call number is basically the book's address, and is what you will use to find the book on the shelf.

Learn More About Call Numbers and Finding Books

(eBooks do not have call numbers. You will view them online.)

Textbooks on Reserve

Did you know that you can find some of your textbooks at the library? Stop by the desk and see if your professor provided a copy for you to use.

Browse in the Bookshelves for Books, CDs and Videos on...

(While Literature is mainly English translation, some is in the original language.)


Language Study:   HV2474-HV2475

Language Study:   PJ6000-PJ6779
Literature:              PJ7501-PJ8517, PQ3900s

Language Study:  PL1071-PL1893
Literature:             PL2250-PL3277

Language Study:   PC2075-PC2689
Literature:              PQ1-PQ2664

Language Study:   PF3112-PF3640
Literature:              PT1-PT4897

Language Study:  PA258-PA1139
Literature:             PA3015-PA4417

Language Study:  PK1933-PK1936
Literature:            PK1428-PK5471,

Language Study:   PC1001-PC1977
Literature:             PQ4001-PQ5999

Language Study:   PL519-PL679
Literature:              PL700-PL889

Language Study:   PL900-939
Literature:              PL955-PL975

Language Study:   PA2057-2365
Literature:              PA6000-PA8518

Language Study:  PC5067-5333
Literature:             PQ9198-PQ9697

Language Study:   PG2111-2640
Literature:              PG2900-PG3698

Language Study: PC4100- 4680
Literature:            PQ6001-PQ8000s

Language Study:  PL4375-4376
Literature:             PL4371-4379, PQ3900s