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ESL Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (WO): Books & eBooks

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When You Find a Book...

...Write down the book's call number

When you find a book, click [Locations] (Box 1).

Even if it says "Available at Annandale", it may be at other campuses as well.  If a book is at more than one campus, it will say "Click on Locations to see all copies" (Underline 2).

You can see whether the book is available or checked out (Box 3).  In this example, the Annandale copy is checked out.

If the book is at your campus, see where it is (Box 4), and write down its call number (Box 5).  In this example, the book is in the circulating (main) collection at Alexandria and Annandale but in the ESL collection at Woodbridge.  Books that say "Reference" cannot be checkout out of the library.  Luckily, there are no books like this at Woodbridge, and you can check out all books except for textbooks.

If you want a book from another campus to be sent to your campus, just click [Request this item] (Box 6).

The call number is basically a book's address.  Books are arranged by call number, which puts most books on a particular topic in the same physical area.  So, every book about beetles will be around QL466.


Audiobooks let you listen to someone reading a book to you.

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  • Romance
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  • and more!


You can view eBooks from any computer, tablet or phone - no special device needed.

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