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ESL Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (WO)

Borrowing from the Library

Use your NOVA Card to:

  • Borrow books, newspapers, magazines and DVDs
  • Print, copy and scan

What can I borrow?

  • 10 items total
  • Up to 3 DVDs
  • Up to 3 newspapers or magazines

For how long can I borrow?

  • Books: 3 weeks
  • DVDS: 1 week
  • Magazines: 1 week

If you need more time, renew before the due date.  You can renew in-person, online or by calling 703-878-5733.

Who can borrow?

  • Students
  • People from the community who are not students (your friends, family neighbors) can use the NOVA library too!  They can get a library card at the front desk.

What If I Don't Return My Book?

When you check out something from the library, we will tell you when it is due back.  If you don't return the item within 30 days of the due date, we will put a hold on your student account.  This means that you will not be able to:

  • Register for classes
  • See your grades
  • Send your transcript to employers or other colleges

We will contact you before we put a hold on your account to give you a chance to return the item.  The hold will be removed as soon as you return the item or pay for a replacement.