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HIS 102: History of Western Civilization II (Campbell-LO): Source Criticism Paper

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Source Criticism Paper

You must  find a Wikipedia page dealing with a topic related to the topic of your Research Paper and compare it with an article on the same basic subject  from a history-focused scholarly journal.  Then in a 2 page, double-spaced paper write a comparative analysis of one article as a source of historical information.  You may not complete this assignment unless you have received my approval for your sources.

For more information, please review the Source Criticism Paper document.


Search Wikipedia:


The best way to locate articles is through the library databases.  Go to Databases by Subject and look under the category History (HIS) to find a list of relevant databases. You can also perform a search in the databases below.

Remember not to write sentences in the search box. Search by topic keywords.

Look for additional keywords offered under Subject and Subject Thesaurus. Also make sure you look for toolbars that provide print, email, and citation options.