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CST - (Bachner - AL): Articles

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Periodical Article Databases

Libraries buy magazines, journals, and newspapers in online collections called databases.

Communication & Mass Media Complete is a database collection of journal articles.

Here's how to find it from the library home page (

Library home page  >  Articles  >  Databases by Subject  >  Communication Studies, Film, & Theatre (CST)  >  Communication & Mass Media Complete

Search Tips

To search for articles:

  • Use only the most essential words related to your topic
  • Put the word AND between each new idea.  For example:

 Buddhism AND rebirth
 Buddhism AND reincarnation

  • Use related terms to improve your results.  In the examples above, rebirth and reincarnation are related terms.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks.   "Bodhi tree"
  • Use an asterisk *  for truncation:  religio*  wil find articles with the words religion, religious, and religions

To search specifically for an article that presents the results of an original study:

1. Type your topic in the first box.
2.  In the second box, type  results AND discussion  
3.  In the second row dropdown, select  TX All Text
4.  In the "Search Options" section, put a check mark next to  Full Text and next to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

Advanced search boxes