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CST 110-Public Speaking Guide(AN-Karimova)

This public speaking guide is created for students in CST 110 with Prof. Karimova.

Need Help?

For individual research help, schedule an appointment to meet with a librarian.

Where to Find Resources

There are many different places to find information to do your research.  You can start by exploring:

1. Primary Sources for a first-hand or contemporary accounts of an event or topic.

2.  Encyclopedias for topics of interest.

3.  Peer reviewed and authoritative articles of interest.

4.  Books, for a deeper dive into a specific topic.

5.  News and Current Events to find up-to-date hot topics.

6.  Videos and Images for visual and audio clips. 

7.  Social Media and memes for current opinions and trending topics.

8.  Statistics & Opinion for data and viewpoints.