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BIO 102 Honors Lecture: General Biology II (Terranova-LO)

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BIO 102 Honors Lecture Research Assignment

Assignment Overview:

You will choose a scientific journal article in a peer-reviewed publication and summarize it.  The peer-reviewed article can be an original research article, meta-analysis article, or a literature review article.  You will then read and summarize a popular resource on a topic similar to the peer-reviewed article.  Popular resources can include magazines, newspapers, or websites.  Finally, you’ll compare how the topics, results, and/or conclusions in the peer-reviewed publication are addressed to how they are treated in the popular resource.  You will submit both a written report and make a recorded video presentation of your assignment. 

Choosing a Peer-Reviewed Article:

You will use the database Academic Search Complete in order to find your peer-reviewed journal article. The journal article can be on any topic related to biology, but must be a full-text article from a peer-reviewed journal.  

For more information, please review the BIO 102 Honors Lecture Research Assignment:

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Gale Science in Context provides science topic overviews and includes a section for Biology. Browse through to find a topic you are interested in.

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Credo Reference provides access to over 500 reference books on a variety of topics. Search by topic or keyword to find the definition.