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ENG 251/255 : Literary Analysis on Heroes and Villains - (Leask - Alexandria, Dual Enrollment)

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Article Databases

The Library Catalog - EVERYTHING search on the first page of this guide will search most, but not all, of the content of library databases. 

You can go directly to the databases to search for articles.  The databases can do more powerful searches and have additional search filters.

To find scholarly journal articles only, be sure to check a box titled "refereed", "scholarly" or "peer reviewed" journals.

Important note:  Because peer-reviewed journal articles can take a few years to be researched, written, and reviewed, any recent heroes/villains will not yet have much, if anything, written about them in the scholarly literature.  News sources, which you can find in Proquest Research Library and Global Newsstream, would be more likely to have articles on recent characters, though they wouldn't be as detailed or analytical.

Search Tips

  • Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.  Put the word AND between each new word or idea.

rey AND "star wars"

rey AND "force awakens"

rey AND "star wars" AND journey

rey AND "star wars" AND hero*

  • Use filters/limiters:
    • Full Text (so your results will include the complete text of the article)
    • Source Type (e.g., Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine)


Video Tutorials: Searching Library Databases and Boolean Operators