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ENG 251/255 : Literary Analysis on Heroes and Villains - (Leask - Alexandria, Dual Enrollment)

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Library Catalog Search Tips

  • Select  EVERYTHING  (above the search box).  This will include results from many sources, including magazines, newspapers, books, and scholarly journals.  If you just want scholarly articles, be sure to filter your results to Peer-reviewed journals.
    • Important note:  Because peer-reviewed journal articles can take a few years to be researched, written, and reviewed, any recent heroes/villains will not yet have much, if anything, written about them in the scholarly literature.  News sources would have more articles on recent characters, though they wouldn't be as detailed or analytical.
  • Select the fewest words possible to type into the search box -- just the ones most important to your topic. 
                          Dorothy's hero journey in the Wizard of Oz

  • Type   AND   between each new word or idea.  For example: 
         dorothy AND wizard of oz AND hero*
  • Put quotation marks (" ") around phrases.  For example: 
         dorothy AND "wizard of oz" AND hero*
  • Use synonyms and related terms:

       dorothy AND oz AND journey
       dorothy AND oz AND quest
       dorothy AND oz AND adventure

       dorothy AND oz AND home

       dorothy AND oz AND transform*
       dorothy AND oz AND monomyth
       "wizard of oz" AND hero's journey

  • Truncate with an asterisk (*) to find articles with different endings of the same word:  transform*  will find articles with the word transform, transforms, transformed, transforming, or transformation.

  • Use filters to refine your list of results:
    • Peer-reviewed journals

Video Tutorial: Searching the Library Catalog - All Formats