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ESL 51: Researching Careers (Kinney - Alexandria)

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Google Search Tips

  • Put phrases in quotation marks:    "paralegal careers" Virginia
  • To search for your terms just in the titles of web pages, type   intitle:  in front of your terms.
        For example:  Intitle:"paralegal careers" Virginia
  • Limit your results to websites from a certain domain, such as .edu or .org:, by typing site:  in front of the domain.  For example:
       "paralegal careers"
       "paralegal careers"
       "paralegal careers"

Evaluate Websites

Who is the author?

What are his/her qualifications?

Why was the website created?

When was it last updated?

How reliable is the information?

Learn more about how to evaluate websites.

In-Depth Website Evaluation

In-Depth Evaluation Strategy:

To dig deeper into the credibility and reliability of a website, you'll need to do more reading and investigating, including:

The video below, from the University of Louisville, discusses "lateral reading", which is a strategy professional fact-checkers use to determine how reliable an online source is.

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