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ENG 112: College Composition II (NOVA Online OER)

This guide has been created by librarians at Northern Virginia Community College to help you find articles, books, and other resources related to this program of study. Direct comments to

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Suggested Databases to Search for Articles

You can search for articles in library databases. See Research Databases by Subject and look under Current Events & Controversial Issues to find a list of relevant databases, or see suggested databases below. For more help, view Database Tutorial videos

Search Tips

Search using the most important words to describe your topic, including synonyms and related terms. Within articles, notice options to email articles and view citations. 

For more help, view Search Strategy Tutorials.

Topic Possible Additional Keywords
Artificial Intelligence AI, machine intelligence, intelligent machines, artificial thinking, algorithms, deep learning, robots
Compensation for College Athletes college sports, economics, ethics, college athletes' salaries, wages, athletic scholarships, amateur athletes
Electric Vehicles electric automobiles, electric cars, autonomous vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, power electronics
Esports electronic sports, electronic gaming, competitive gaming, video games, video game competitions, video gamers
Fast Fashion fashion business logistics, industrial efficiency, clothing trade - environmental aspects, clothing workers, textile industry automation
Flexible Workplaces flexible work arrangements, flexible working hours, work-life balance, telecommuting
Higher Education universities, colleges, post-secondary education, college students, college teaching
Social Media social networks, digital media, media and internet, online social networks, internet - social aspects