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ENG 112: College Composition II (Pierce-Loudoun)

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Visual Aids

Graphics, data charts, and other visual aids can be found through the library databases. 

Some of the key databases for locating relevant images are located below. 

Suggested Websites

Graphics, data charts, and other visual aids can be found through reputable and verified websites. 

Some suggested websites for locating relevant images are located below. 

  • USAFacts presents metrics on all US governments, from federal records to a growing collection of state and county data. The site uses publicly available government data presenting a vast array of reports on US spending, revenue, population and demographics, and policy outcomes. We don’t make judgments or prescribe policies. Whether government money is spent wisely or not, whether the quality of life is improving or getting worse — that’s for you to decide. Topics covered by this repository and analytic presentation of data include Child & Social Services, Climate, Economy, Education, Health, and Wealth & Savings. 
  • Data Commons has organized data about economics, demographics, health, sustainability, education, housing, commuting, and equity. The data are sourced from a wide range of entities, ranging from governmental statistical organizations like census bureaus to organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations. The site features tools for students, researchers, journalists, non profits, policymakers, and private enterprises that allow you to manipulate and make decisions based on data without the need to know how to code. 
  • The World Bank's World Development Indicators is a compilation of relevant, high-quality, and internationally comparable statistics about global development and the fight against poverty. The database contains 1,400 time series indicators for 217 economies and more than 40 country groups, with data for many indicators going back more than 50 years. You can explore data themes or mine the data bank to create your own charts and graphs,