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ENG 112: College Composition II (Pierce-Loudoun)

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Research Paper demonstrating mastery of advanced argumentative writing skills

ENG 112 – College Composition II – Pierce

Students will complete a comprehensive, 7-10 page (plus exhibits) multi-source, cited, research paper on issues faced by our society today while demonstrating mastery of their advanced argumentative writing skills. Students will explore and evaluate issues, conduct first-hand research, analyze data, and integrate relevant, credible secondary sources.

The objective of this research project is to explore and understand complex, nuanced cultural issues in a balanced and respectful manner.

Suggested topics:

  • School/Public Library Book Banning
  • Parental Educational Rights
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Transgender Rights
  • College campus free speech concerns
  • Diversity & Equity Programs in schools and businesses
  • Religious Freedoms
  • Social support programs
  • Immigration
  • Internet/free speech regulation
  • Gun control/2nd Amendment rights

*The above list is not meant to limit student selection. If you have an idea, please talk with me or the librarians as soon as possible so we can help guide you during the research phase. 

Minimum Source Requirements:

Using a variety of sources such as newspapers, periodicals, speeches, interviews, books, websites, documentary films, etc, will provide the most comprehensive collection of information. Sources must be from approved research mediums sucj as databases or internationally recognized news outlets. No Wikipedia, Google, .com websites, etc. If the author is NOT a recognized expert in the field, don't use the source.

  • A minimum of 10 secondary research sources.
  • One research instrument--survey or observation of at least 20 individuals.
  • At least 2 Visual aids such as data charts/graphs/maps or relevant photos. One visual aid must be student-created based upon results of student primary research.
  • References should comply with MLA format.

Detailed instructions for each component of this research paper will be provided prior to each due date. All components will be submitted to CANVAS.

For additional assignment information, please refer to the assignment details in your Canvas course or contact your professor.