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CST 100: Finding Sources (Annandale)

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Finding Sources for Assignments

Developing Keywords

These databases are great for learning about your topic and other things related to your topic. In other words, these databases can help you identify keywords that will make your searching easier.

Finding Sources

Academic Search Complete is great for finding sources across a broad range of topics or if your research topic crosses multiple academic disciplines (English Literature is an example of a discipline as is Political Science or Health). Subject specific databases are helpful to use when you want to dive deeply on a topic in a specific subject.

ProQuest Research Library & Global Newsstream is ideal if you are searching for newspaper and magazine articles related to your topic. Newspapers and magazines, which are not scholarly sources, are better than academic sources for finding information on current events and rapidly evolving contemporary issues. 

The Library Catalog is where you search to find books held by NOVA Libraries, in print and electronic form. Books provide more in depth information about a topic than do scholarly articles, which are focused on one aspect of a research question. Books cover multiple aspects of a research area and/or cover a single aspect in more detail than is possible for an article to cover.

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Finding Statistics