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From the Stacks - #10 December 2023: Home

FTS: #10 - December 2023







Artists Gotta Art

White Boards of Manassas

Banned Booksify

Annandale Dominating Displays

Dr. Alma

More to Know About AI

Scribble Scrawl

Puzzling Evidence

Vacant Full-time Positions

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Members Etc.

Who to contact on that committee?.




By D. Davis

Manassas Library has experienced a boon in artistic expression this semester as students draw on the study room white boards. While there is an art corner where students can destress by filling in coloring pages, some of the more adventurous individuals have decided to color outside the lines.

Students from the art club doodled on one of the boards. Then others took up artistic arms to show off their talents as well. And while the boards do need to be erased for the sake of future users of the rooms, I took it upon myself to immortalize some of these once temporary pieces.










Looking forward to seeing what else our artists come up with in future semesters.





By J. Spencer

Jane Spencer sent these photos of the Annandale Campus Library Banned Books display. What a beautiful visual explanation! Can we please schedule her for displays at other campuses?













By M. Sarmiento

Primo’s “Prioritizing Conversational Discovery at Ex Libris” using AI

"Conversational discovery allows users to 'chat' with a search engine using natural or everyday language to ask questions and continually refine the answers delivered. This technology can empower users to delve more deeply into topics and more quickly surface critical insights and information, as well as broaden their exploratory process and scope."

Read more on the ExLibris site:





By N. Mobley

“Winter is coming.” Sound familiar? We had a little taste of snow-and hopefully, we will have more (if you are a fan of it and like to have days off…)!

To help us get into the winter vibes, here’s a word find. Make sure to cozy up with a nice cup of hot cider/cocoa, a fluffy blanket and search away! Words can be in any direction.




I hope you enjoyed the crossword puzzle! The answers are below:







By M. Todd

Active / Advertised




AL = one Public Services & Technology Librarian and one LS1 (Reference, Outreach, & Acquisitions Specialist)

AN = no vacancies

LO = one Collection Development and Outreach Services Librarian 

LTS = one LS2 (Cataloging Specialist)

MA = one LS2 (Circulation Manager) or two P14s

MEC = no vacancies

WO = one Collection Development Librarian




By L. Leon

A complete list of committees, members, and the dates and times of meetings is linked here. Please contact Liz Leon [] to request corrections.




From the Stacks is published February - December, (mostly) on the second Tuesday of the month. Please contact Editor Liz Leon, Collection Development & Outreach Librarian, Manassas Campus to contribute an article or with ideas for regular features. Older issues live in the archives.

December contributors are Dominic Davis, Library Assistant, Manassas Campus; Jane Spencer, Circulation & Intercampus Loans Specialist, Annandale Campus; Michael Sarmiento, Catalog Librarian, Library Technical Services; Nadia Mobley, Circulation Specialist, Alexandria Campus; and Dean of the Library, Matt Todd.