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FTS: #1 - February 2024








Welcome Tori!

Loudoun's Newest Library Nighthawk

The World in Our Stacks 

New Feature

Libraries and Narcan

Always Be Prepared

Dr. Alma

Collections Made Pretty!

Scribble Scrawl

Puzzling Over It

Vacant Full-time Positions

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Members Etc.

Who to call?.





Welcome Tori!

By T. Rodriguez

Our newest Library Nighthawk, Tori Rodriguez, was kind enough to answer a few questions from FTS. Welcome to NOVA Tori!

What is the pet situation at your house?
I have 4 fur babies. Two dogs: Colby our pittie, and lovingly referred to as our “pretty girl” or “beanie”; Edison our hound who may have more anxiety than I do… Two cats: Bailey, our tuxedo, and Elliot, our tabby. Both named after our favorite characters from our most bingeable shows: Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU. Not a pet (kinda like one though I suppose?), but I also have a two year old son who absolutely adores his fur siblings. “Hi Bailey Cat!” “Oh Bolby” “Eddie!” always with a pat, hug, or kiss.

If we are on a three-day hike what should I bring to keep you going?
Water, snacks, and a solid playlist. Preferably no country.

Which of your hobbies have the most relevance to library life?
I really like to cook, play/watch sports, and hike. I find that I’m able to connect with most patrons on something related to those hobbies.





The World in Our Stacks

By J. Harold

This new feature will link items in the news to various books, authors, and subjects that our NOVA libraries own. Take a look at the ways the world shows up in our stacks! 

ALA released their 2023 lists of best graphic novels for adults and children on Monday, 12 February 2024. Currently, the libraries have ten adult fiction titles and three adult non-fiction titles that appear in the lists.

Ellen Louise Gilchrist (February 20, 1935-January 30, 2024), a National Book Award winner, was an American novelist, short story writer, as well as a poet. "Droll writer whose stories captured the South, independent-minded women"-- The Washington Post. The libraries have two titles by her, as well as two books about her.

James Reston Jr. (March 8, 1941-July 19, 2023) was an American journalist as well as an author of political and historical fiction and non-fiction. "A nonfiction writer with a novelist's sensibility"--The Washington Post. The libraries have five titles by him.

Edward Jay Epstein (December 6, 1935-January 9, 2024) was an American investigative journalist and a political science professor at three major universities. "Reporter probed established narratives"--The Washington Post. We have two titles by him, including one on Edward Snowden.




Libraries and Narcan

By L. Leon

Before I came to NOVA I lived in a sleepy county north of Lynchburg, VA. Amherst County has a population of less than 32,000. The largest city in the county is hardly bustling with fewer than 12,000 souls. So, you may imagine my shock when, last December, I saw this news from Amherst:

Students treated after eating gummies from bag with fentanyl residue, sheriff’s office says

The overdose problem landed close to me very fast.

In January, Lieutenant Tony Ong happened by the Manassas Library. He mentioned a training he planned to offer in early 2024 for NOVA employees. The training will teach what to do - and what not to do - in an overdose situation. It will also teach the effective administration of the antidote to Fentanyl poisoning - naloxone. Naloxone is commercially sold as Narcan. You will find details about the training below:

NOVA Police Free REVIVE! Opioid Overdose and naloxone training

Opiate overdoses are far more common in Northern Virginia than in remote Amherst. With this in mind, the following links represent reasons staff in public libraries have prioritized naloxone training.





Dr. Alma

By M. Sarmiento

Collection Discovery in Primo

Collection Discovery allows us to see the covers of the books in NOVA collections, gathered by themes such as "new books at Loudoun" or "new popular fiction." This month Michael shows us how to browse Primo by attractive book cover images and highlighted themes in Collection Discovery:

You may also enjoy this article: Curated Collections for First- and Second-Year Students - Bringing virtual browsing to the discovery experience.

Do you have an idea for a collection we can add? Please share your idea with your Collection Development librarian! 





Scribble Scrawl

By N. Mobley

Fun facts about the year 2024:

Do you still have a copy of your 1996 calendar? If so, you can use it because 1996 and 2024 calendar days are the same!
Also, the 1996 Summer Olympics were in Atlanta where the “Magnificent 7” women’s gymnastics team won the first ever team gold medal, and this year, in Paris, they are set to continue that quest!

Can you figure out the rebus puzzles for February? They are both related to something in February…

Answers will be in March’s edition…

December puzzle answers:



Vacant Full-time


By M. Todd

Active / Advertised

AL = one Public Services and Technology Librarian

LO = one Collection Development and Outreach Services Librarian 



AL = one LS1 (Reference, Outreach, & Acquisitions Specialist)

AN = no vacancies

LTS = one LS2 (Cataloging Specialist)

MA = one LS2 (Circulation Manager) or two P14s

MEC = no vacancies

WO = one Collection Development Librarian


Members, Etc.

A complete list of committees, members, and the dates and times of meetings is linked here. Please contact Liz Leon [] to request corrections.



From the Stacks is published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October, and December, (mostly) on the second Tuesday of the month. Please contact Editor Liz Leon, Collection Development & Outreach Librarian, Manassas Campus to contribute an article or with ideas for regular features. Older issues live in the archives.

February contributors are Jim Harold, Library Specialist, Library Technical Services; Tori Rodriguez, Circulation and Reserves Specialist, Loudoun Campus;  Michael Sarmiento, Catalog Librarian, Library Technical Services; Nadia Mobley, Circulation Specialist, Alexandria Campus; and Dean of the Library, Matt Todd.