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APA 7 Citation Style Guide

This style guide will help you cite the most common types of materials required in research projects and papers according to APA 7th edition. - Direct comments to

Citing Clinical and Web Sources


Clinical Databases with unique and changing articles: Dynamed, Nursing Reference Center, Rehab Reference Center

Use year of last update.
Barron, S. A. (2018). Management of Ewing sarcoma in children. DynaMed. Retrieved March 3, 2020 from

(Barron, 2018)

(Barron, 2018, Counseling section, para. 1)
Article from Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Aziz, A., & Ohlsson, A. (2020). Surfactant for pulmonary haemorrhage in neonates. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

(Aziz & Ohlsson, 2020)

(Aziz & Ohlsson, 2020, p. 45)


Author. (Year, Month Date). Title of webpage article in italics. Title of Website.URL [No period at the end.]
Article/Page on Website with Individual Author Backler, C. (2020, March 3). ONS members help drive the ambulatory staffing discussion. ONS Voice.

(Backler, 2020)

(Backler, 2020, para. 3)
Article/Page on a Site with Group Author

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020, March 3). Talk to your doctor about managing your pain.

If Author and Site name are the same, omit Site Name before URL.

(Centers for Disease Control, 2020, para. 2)
Online/Streaming Video (2013, October 23). The psychology of scary movies [Video]. Vimeo.

The uploader is credited as author in the reference for retrievability purposes. If the creator is different, note their contribution in the narrative.

John P. Hess explains the thrill of scary movies (, 2013)