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ENG 112: College Composition II: Argument Research (Alexandria)

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How To Identify Scholarly Information

Sources of information can range from being not scholarly, to very scholarly, to somewhere in the middle.  Each source will go somewhere on this Scale of Scholarliness:

          0                                                5                                             10          

Least Scholarly                     Mid-Level                        Most Scholarly


.Where on the Scale of Scholarliness does your source fall?
To make your determination, consider the six things listed below.  Click on each box to learn more.

Author Credentials Audience purpose
Publisher Editing/Review References

All images are in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses. 

Where Does Your Source Fit?


No credentials                                                      Expert with





Self-published                                                     Scholarly press





Basic                                                                          Scholarly,





None                                                                   Peer reviewed





None                                                                 List of Scholarly




What other factors would you consider?


What else would you want to know about this source?  



Based on where your source falls on the sliding scales above, what is your final judgment about your source for college research?


Least Scholarly                                              Most Scholarly