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ENG 112: College Composition II: Argument Research (Alexandria)

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Topic Ideas, Learn About Your Topic

As You Explore...

Your research topic needs to be specific and arguable.  The resources listed above will help you learn more about your topic and identify ways to focus.

Get Specific
To make your topic more specific, here are some things to look for as you're reading.  You could focus by:

  • geographic area
  • population group
  • discipline/field (a few examples: education, business, health, entertainment, environment, housing)

Identify Arguments
After you have a more specific topic in mind, the resources linked above can also help you identify arguments.  Look for:

  • What do people disagree on?
    • Causes
    • Effects
    • Solutions

As you read, write down important ideas and concepts.  These are your KEYWORDS; you will likely continue to find more keywords as you do your research.  You will use these terms to do more effective searches.

Tips for Using Opposing Viewpoints

In Opposing Viewponts:

1. Type in your topic or "Browse Issues." 
2. Look for "Viewpoints" related to your topic.

These "Viewpoints" can give you ideas for how to frame your argument.