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ESL Guide

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Research Assignment? Start at Your NOVA Library!

Start your research assignment in the library. Use the library catalog to find credible sources: books, e-books, articles, videos and more. Use the library databases (Articles) to find credible periodical sources: scholarly journal, newspaper, and magazine articles and more. And don't forget that the librarians are here to help you!

Search the Library Catalog

Confused by some of the words you hear in the library?

Click here for a list of common library vocabulary words.

Library Catalog Search Tips

1. Use only the most essential words related to your topic.

2. Not enough results?  Try related terms, or more general terms -- for example, instead of poodles, try dogs.

3. Too many results?  Be more specific -- for example, instead of computers, try social media AND privacy.  

4. In your list of results, check the menu on the left for ways to limit your results, such as by resource type, library or publication date.

5. Select 'Request Item' to have books from other NOVA campus libraries sent to the NOVA campus library of your choice for pick up.


The best way to locate articles is through the library databases. Go to and look under the subject categories to find a list of relevant databases. You can also perform a search directly in the databases below.

Remember not to write sentences in the search box. Use keywords taken from your research statement.

Look for additional keywords offered under Subject and Subject Thesaurus. Also make sure to look for toolbars that provide print, email, and citation options.

Associates Programs Source and Opposing Viewpoints allow you to limit your search by lexile reading level/range within the Advanced Search function.