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Writing a Lab Report

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Reference List

The references page lists all of the sources you used.


Anagonye, D. A., & Ortiz, M. (2020). Genetic and environmental bases of childhood antisocial behavior: A multi-informant twin study. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 116(2), 219-236.

Fernández, R. V. (2020). A guide to endangered and threatened species in Virginia. Oxford University Press.

Nguyễn, A. M. (2020, March 15). NASA images show oil's invasion along Louisiana coast. NASA.

TED. (2020, October 22). The brain [Video]. Films on Demand.

In-Text Citations

In-text citations tell your professor which source you used at a specific point in the paper.


1. Author's Name in Parentheses

In a key 1922 case, Zucht v. King, the Supreme Court upheld states’ right to require vaccinations for children attending public schools (Matlesky, 2018).

2. Author's Name in the Sentence

Chidike and Buckland (2018) argue that vaccinations cause Austim and other developmental disorders. 

Direct Quotes

3. Author's Name in Parentheses

The study also found that Autism is a "developmental disorder that is present at birth, and symptoms develop during the early childhood years" (Bekri, 2015, p. 348).

4. Author's Name in the Sentence

Fumnaya (2018) states  "society has the right to protect itself against an epidemic that threatens the safety of its members" (p. 33).