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CST 229: Intercultural Communication (Hurley-Loudoun)

This guide has been created by librarians to help you find books, articles, videos, and other types of resources related to this program of study. Direct comments to Michael English,

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How to Use Reference Books

An encyclopedia is a type of reference book. These are great resources for gathering background information on your topic, as well as for:

  • Defining important vocabulary words related to your topic,
  • Finding a basic overview and main issues related to your topic, and
  • Finding references to additional resources.

Online Encyclopedias and Background Information

Below are a few places you can find definitions and encyclopedia articles; from off campus you will have to login with your myNOVA username and password.

Encyclopedia Search Tips

Since encyclopedia articles focus on basic, general information about a topic, what you type in the search box should also be general:

YES:  Haitian culture

YES:  Haiti AND voodoo

NO:  How is Haitian culture affected by one of its main religions, voodoo?