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ENG 111: College Composition I (Bucknum-Loudoun)

Research tips for your annotated bibliography assignment.

Guide by Eliza Selander, Librarian

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Welcome to the library! We are here to help you with your Annotated Bibliography assignment for ENG 111. 

Ask yourself: Do you prefer taking notes on paper or on a computer--or both? How will you keep track of your research? There is no wrong answer to this question; but organizing yourself before you begin research will help you be more efficient in your work.

For more detailed assignment information, please review the attached assignment guidelines and/or contact your instructor.

Goals for Our Library Research Session

Goal 1. Identify at least 5-10 key concepts that interest you about your topic, and form your research question.

Goal 2. Find at least two sources in class today using article databases. Save them so that you can find them later. It's OK if you don't end up using them in your final paper!

Goal 3: Use the citation tools to cite your sources properly.