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ENG 111: College Composition I (Hughes-Loudoun)

Research tips for your term paper! Direct comments and questions to Eliza Selander,

Getting Started with Research

1. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or on a computer? How will you keep track of your research?

2. Have you selected a topic? Brainstorm 5-10 related search terms BEFORE you start your research.

For example: Search terms for Racial Inequality could include specific instances of inequality between races such as incarceration rate(s) or wealth disparity. Search terms for Immigration could include related words or terms like refugee(s), undocumented, DACA; Search terms can also include names of people, events, or places: while researching Climate Change you could use terms like Greta Thunberg, Paris Agreement, or Hurricane Ida.

*See Creating Your Search Statements for more ideas about how to search your topic most effectively.

3. Save what you find (print it or email it to yourself) and keep it in a place you can easily find it again.

Goals for Our Library Research Session

Goal 1. Identify at least 5-10 key concepts that interest you about your topic, and form your research question.

Goal 2. Identify at least two ways to get research assistance from the library.

Goal 3. Find at least two sources in class today. Save them so that you can find them later. It's OK if you don't end up using them in your final paper!


Resources for Essays

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab has a good introduction to Using Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion

Excelsior Online Writing Lab has a guide for Rhetorical Styles. Also explore the page on Argumentative Essay and consider all of the modes of persuasion.