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ENG 111: College Composition I (Hughes-LO)

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Term Paper Assignment

General Format and Topic

  • The paper MUST be 6 pages in length, NOT counting the works cited page. Additionally, photos, charts, graphs, etc. do not contribute to this page count.
  • The topic can be one of the following general categories (note there are a number of cross-over topics)
    • Science & Technology - Environment, Automotive, Energy, Computers, Communication, Education, Crime, etc.
    • Social Matters - Community, Social Media, Racial Equality or Inequality, immigration, Education, etc.
    • Health & Medicine - Disease, Evolving Therapies, Nursing Education, Mental Health, etc.
    • Governing Policy - Law, Government, Drug, Education, Energy, Crime, etc.
    • Sports & Athletics - Money, Rule Changes, Injury, School Teams, Pro Teams, etc.
  • The paper must be typed / word processed and written in 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font with double-spaced lines.
  • The paper's margins MUST be 1" top and bottom, and 1.25" left and right. There should NOT be any extra spaces between paragraphs or after titled points in the work.
  • The format for the essay, including ALL in-text and works cited citations, MUST be in the currently accepted MLA format.


You MUST use a minimum of FOUR different sources for your research. Those sources can be books or scholarly / refereed articles from the databases available through the VCCS Library System. Google searches do not typically yield sources suitable to academic writing; however, you may use one internet source outside of the books and databases, provided that it can be vetted for accuracy in the information that you find.