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ENG 111: College Composition I - Language, Literacy, & Composition Studies (Chandler-AL)

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Database Search Tips

Search Tips:

  • Select the fewest words possible to type into the search box -- just the ones most important to your topic.
  • Type   AND   between each new word or idea.  For example: 
         language AND cultural identity
         language AND linguistic identity

  • Use synonyms and related terms. For example:
         language AND sexism AND wages
         language AND sexism AND salary
         language AND sexism AND income
         language AND gender discrimination AND wages
         language AND gender discrimination AND salary
  • Use quotation marks with phrases (2 or more words that MUST be together):  "climate change"  "hate speech"  "free speech"
  • Use limiters to just view articles that are Full Text and Scholarly:

               Limiters for Full Text and Scholarly

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