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ENG 111: College Composition I - Language, Literacy, & Composition Studies (Chandler-AL)

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Database Search Tips

Search Tips:

  • Select the fewest words possible to type into the search box -- just the ones most important to your topic.
  • Type   AND   between each new word or idea.  For example: 
         language AND cultural identity
         language AND linguistic identity

  • Use limiters to just view articles that are Full Text and Scholarly:

               Limiters for Full Text and Scholarly

From Winona State University.  Do not use phone number and emails listed at the end of the video.

From NS State University.

Scholarly Article Databases + Example Searches

Select the database below with the content that is most appropriate for your topic.  Sample searches are provided under each subject-specific database.

More than one database might have good information on your topic.

- For example, articles on using technology to teach writing could be found in Education Resource Complete and Computers & Applied Sciences
- You can search more than one database simultaneously: open one of the databases and on the search page, just above the search box, select Choose Databases and add any additional databases.

language AND identity
language AND cultural identity

social media AND communication
writing AND cross-cultural communication
rhetoric AND cross-cultural communication

academic freedom AND communication
writing AND technology

language AND acculturation
language AND nationalism
language AND sociolinguistics

politics AND language
fake news AND communication

advertising AND language
social media AND communication

teaching AND writing
social media AND language