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ESL 33: Oral Communications I: Problem/Solution Presentation (Chan-Alexandria)

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Search Tips

  • Use keywords to search for articles and websites on your topic.
    • For encyclopedia articles, use general keywords:  water shortages
    • For news articles, use specific keywords:  water shortage AND rationing
  • Type the word AND between each new idea.  For example:
            clean water act AND runoff
            agricultural AND water AND pollution

Encyclopedia Articles

Water supply
Water shortage
Water AND rationing
Drinking water
Hand sanitizer
Antimicrobial soaps
Antibiotic resistance
Rivers AND pollution
Water AND pollution
Recycling AND contamination

Newspaper Articles

Newspapers report on current events.  They focus on a specific aspect of a topic, so type more specific words into the search box:

Landfills AND health
Landfills AND cancer
Water supply AND rationing
Water supply AND california

Handwashing AND schools
Handwashing AND children
Antibiotic resistance AND hand sanitizer

Water AND pollution AND factories
Recycling bins AND contamination
Recycling bins AND contamination AND food


Limit to certain kinds of websites by identifying the site:

soap hand sanitizer
soap hand sanitizer
soap hand sanitizer

hand hygiene