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GEO 210: People & the Land: Intro to Cultural Geography (Crain-Loudoun)

This guide has been created to help you find geographic, economic, social/cultural information and more from country reports, articles, and other types of resources related to this program of study. Direct comments to Julie Combs,

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Research Assignments

One month prior to the presentation of the poster you are to hand in a 5-page paper that provides the contents of the poster (a country of your choice) in written form.

For more information, please review the Paper on Poster Topic document.

You will be asked to prepare an academic poster of a country of your choice. 

For more information, please review the Academic Poster document.

Suggested Topics

  • Afghanistan - Topics: ethnicity, recent history and the rise of the Taliban
  • Armenia - Topics: genocide, boundary conflict with Azerbaijan
  • Australia - Topics: Aboriginals, mining
  • Bolivia - Topics: mining, cocaine production
  • Botswana - Topics: tourism, democracy
  • Brazil (2 x) - Topics: multi-culturalism, energy and industries, metropolitan areas
  • Canada (2x) - Topics: First Nations, cultural conflicts, energy production and economy
  • China - Topics: population shifts from rural areas to cities, internal conflicts
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo - Topics: internal conflicts, Chinese and resource extraction
  • Germany - Topics: immigration, East/West differences after the Cold War
  • Egypt (2x) - Topics: the Aswan Dam, agriculture, Suez Canal, Arab Spring
  • Ethiopia (2x) - Topics: population control, rural vs urban development, landlocked country, conflicts
  • India (2x) - Topics: multiculturalism, internal conflicts, population & control,
  • Israel - Topics: ethnicities, internal boundary conflicts
  • India - Topics: boundary conflicts w Pakistan, scarcity of fresh water
  • Indonesia - Topics: internal conflict, economy and development
  • Israel - Topics: internal religious conflicts, boundary conflicts
  • Kazakhstan - Topics: Aral Sea catastrophe, oil and gas extraction
  • Lebanon - Topics: multiculturalism, terrorism
  • Myanmar - Topics: internal conflicts, development
  • Nigeria (2x) - Topics: ethnicities and kingdoms, internal conflicts, population, natural resources
  • North Korea - Topics: boundary conflict w South Korea, famine
  • Papua New Guinea - Topics: languages, development
  • Pakistan - Topics: the Kashmir conflict, ethnicity
  • Peru - Topics: multiculturalism, agriculture and climate change
  • Russia - Topics: Northern Sea passage, gas and oil extraction
  • Russia - Topics: ethnicity, boundary conflict with Ukraine
  • Rwanda - Topics: ethnicity and genocide, development
  • Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong - Topics: the Asian Tigers (economy), economic development