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What Is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar searches for scholarly sources, such as journal articles, dissertations and conference proceedings, and provides links to those resources.

How can Google Scholar do that? 
Don't those resources cost $$$$$???

Yes, many of those resources do cost money.  But you will find that you have free access to many of them:

  • some are freely available ("open access")
  • as a NOVA student, you get access to some of the journal articles because NOVA buys databases that include those journals.

On campus you will be able to view them directly.

Off campus you must first set up "Library Links" in Google Scholar; you will then be prompted for your MyNova username and password to view the articles.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

Reasons to Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar is particularly useful for:

  • finding articles on unique or very focused topics
  • getting familiar with titles of journals in your area of research
  • finding a list of other articles that have cited an article you've found.  In the example below, the article, "Polar bears in a warming climate," has been cited by 269 other (newer) articles.

Google Scholar Search Tips