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This guide was created to offer selections of both online and print resources on the topic of Neurodiversity. Selections can be found in our campus libraries and in other platforms.

Books about Gender and Sexuality

The cover is light blue with the word Criptiques in the center.
The cover shows a photograph of a wooden floor with plastic toys, cars, soldiers, and people strewn about over it.
The cover is red and shows an photograph of a woman with bared shoulders looking up.  There is also a silouette of two people standing facing each other and holding hands.  There are hearts and other shaped floating about the cover as well.
The cover has a drawing of a person from the chest upwards smiling at the reader.  In the background there is a group of people of many backgrounds and abilities standing or sitting facing the reader.  There is a man and woman in the group who are kissing.  The cover itself is ligt blue.
The cover has an background of a starry sky and photographs of a man and a woman from the bust upwards.  The woman is looking sideways at the man and the man is looking up sideways.  They both are both smiling.