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PED - Physical Education and Recreation (WO)

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Welcome!  This guide will help you find sources for your personal wellness plan.  Wellness refers to a person's overall health and is affected by many things - like diet, emotional health, physical environment and rest.  A large component of wellness is physical fitness, which is generally divided into these categories:

Cardiovascular fitness: The ability of the body to supply oxygen to working muscles. This is typically associated with aerobic exercise (or 'cardio'), which involves relatively low-intensity activity for a prolonged period. It can also involve anaerobic exercise, which involves more intense activity for shorter periods.

Muscular fitness: The ability of your muscles to move and hold weight. This involves both muscular strength and endurance. Muscular fitness is associated with resistance training activities like weight lifting and bodyweight exercises.

Flexibility: The ability of joints to move through their full ranges of motion.

Body Composition: Refers to the physical makeup of the body and the percentage of it that consists of fat tissue as compared to lean tissue (bones, muscles).